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A call out for funding of workspace in Cornwall – but..

On 31 January, a call for funding for workspace in Cornwall was opened – these have historically been very popular.

However, I should point out that this call is limited in terms of geographical coverage and scope of projects:

“Projects are sought that create or refurbish buildings or natural/heritage assets for new or increased commercial activity that provides an economic benefit to residents of the Core areas of C2C LAG. This may take the form of the construction of new, or the refurbishment of existing assets such as: business units, natural assets, co-working spaces, community hub, heritage buildings, hot desking facilities or any other form of workspace that meets the local need.”

So, the first logical question arising from the above is “what / where is the Core areas of C2C LAG?”


Cornwall is divided up into four Local Action Group areas.  The C2C LAG is the Coast to Coast Local Action Group and geographically covers the areas within the blue boundaries below:

The Core areas (also referred to as Lower Super Output Areas (LSOAs)) within the LAG are those in red within the blue boundaries e.g., areas within Truro, Penryn, Camborne and Redruth.

Please visit www.magic.gov.uk to check specific postcodes and whether they are included in any of the Core LSOAs using the instructions available HERE.

 So, what grant funding is on offer?

The projects, within these target areas, that the funding can potentially support are:

Project type Funds available
Make use of natural and heritage assets to aid economic activity £250K
Build or renovate community economic hubs and small scale and other workspace including in town and village centres £200K

The minimum grant that can be applied for is £75K and the maximum intervention rate is 45%. This means that the project costs must be a minimum of £167K.

A few more details

The funding is being administered through the Community Led Local Development (CLLD) programme; which I have blogged on previously.

Key dates are as follows:

Call timetable Date
Date call opens 31 January 2020
Deadline for submitting Expressions of Interest (EOI received after the deadline will not be considered) 27 March 2020 (5pm)
LAG decisions on Expressions of Interest 29 April 2020
Deadline for submission of Full Applications (Applications received after the deadline will not be considered) 31 July 2020 (5pm)
LAG decision on Full Applications (Subject to appraisal) 21 October 2020
Projects should be finished by 30 April 2022

In summary and contact for further clarification

I would suggest that anyone working on a project that they think might fit within the project scope has a read through the full guidance.

This guidance contains the following “Please note that this is a competitive call and to preserve impartiality the CLLD team are unable to enter into correspondence with applicants over their Expression of Interest. However, when relevant, it is possible to contact Nolwenn Baot (Programme Coordinator: 07538 259577 [email protected]) only to clarify the requirements of the call. All clarifications will be posted on the ‘Active Calls’ page on the website and on Contracts Finder.”

If you have any initial questions on the call and/ or require assistance with EOI, please contact me and I will see if I can assist.

By Andrew James

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