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A review of the Tourism sector within the Western Morning News Annual Business Guide

As proud sponsors and compiler of the data for the Western Morning News Annual Business Guide we were interested to notice the small number of hospitality businesses in the top 150, with only one hotel company being featured in the top 50. The Guide itself uses turnover to rank the top 150 businesses, which is the principal reason why there are not many hospitality businesses highlighted. However, if the top 150 had been measured on number of employees, we would expect that hospitality businesses would be featured more prominently.

As well as employing large numbers of staff, the tourism sector is responsible for supporting other many other trades and services. These include builders, food suppliers, providers of vehicles, professional services, transport, infrastructure, finance and beer and indicate how inter-related the industry is between providers and suppliers. On an asset measure these businesses are of considerable size and importance to the area.

It is therefore clearly true that hospitality businesses were conspicuous by their absence from the top 150 businesses in Devon and Cornwall. This is obviously an issue only looking at this on a statistical basis as the hospitality industry overall accounts for many good quality jobs and is custodian of some of the area’s finest assets.

You can read the full analysis and view the full list of the top 150 businesses in Devon and Cornwall by clicking the link below.

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