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Explore the world of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

On Thursday 22 April PKF-Francis Clark held its first event exploring the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies as part of our ongoing conversations over coffee events.

If you missed the event, then panic no further; you can catch up on the conversation by clicking here.

Our head of blockchain and cryptocurrency, Ben Lee, hosted the event and was joined by the following conversationalists:

To start the session the speakers explained the basis of the technology, along with its implications for individuals, businesses, and the world going forwards. The conversation covered:

  • Why blockchain is immutable
  • Applications of blockchain and its efficiencies
  • Why the cryptocurrency market has seen exponential growth in the last 12 months
  • What is bitcoin?

At least, those where the points the session intended to cover, and succeeded, but the conversation took twists and turns and covered a number of unexpected areas:

  • Consensus algorithms
  • The energy consumption issue
  • How blockchain has already evolved
  • Non-fungible tokens (NFTs)
  • Carbon tracing using blockchain
  • The temporary Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) registration period
  • The UK’s place in the global crypto economy
  • The ‘black swan’ event
  • Government intervention

Video here

Our next Conversations over coffee event will be held on Wednesday 26 May at 08:15 – register here.






Ben is a business and taxation specialist in the Taunton office, supporting individuals and businesses to achieve their financial ambitions. He relocated to the South… read more
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