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It’s a great time to be looking to fund your innovative business

At the end of February my colleague received two emails from Innovate UK, by virtue of the fact that he has signed up to receive such notifications.

Online versions of these emails can be found at:

As always with these emails, there is news of various ‘themed’ funding competitions.

Included in these two we have:

If the second of these grabbed your attention, you may also be interested to know that we have a representative from Innovate UK speaking at our Finance in Cornwall and (hopefully) Finance in the South events. They will be joined by speakers covering business angels, crowdfunding and venture capital. Further details of both of these events, can be found here.

Finally, on the theme of innovation, if you are based in Cornwall and Isle of Scilly, there is help out there from the ‘Acceleration Through Innovation’ team that is supporting businesses that are ready to innovate.

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