Increase in Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme limit

Featuring Louise Bridgett | 14th February, 2019

It has been confirmed that an increase in the charities’ small donation limit from £20 to £30 will apply to gifts made on or after 6 April.

The proposal was initially announced in last November’s Budget and applies to small donations where it is impractical to obtain a Gift Aid declaration.

Robert Jenrick, exchequer secretary to the Treasury, commented: “Some 80 per cent of the organisations that currently participate in the scheme claim well below the £8,000 overall limit that we have set in the past, so we estimate that 20,000 organisations will benefit from greater top-up donations as a result of the draft order.

“The draft order’s change to the donation limit will benefit the good causes to which the donations have been pledged. I commend it to the committee.”

The overall £8,000 limit that charities can claim without declaration will remain unchanged.

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