Innovate UK – ‘Essential guide to start-up funding stages’

30th January, 2018

As you will hopefully be aware, Innovate UK is the “UK’s innovation agency – driving productivity and growth by supporting businesses to realise the potential of new technologies, develop ideas and turn them into a commercial success”.

In previous blog posts, we have brought to your attention their competitions for grant funding. This time, we thought we would share with you their blog post titled, ‘Essential guide to start-up funding stages’.

The guide is constructed under the following four headings:

  • Know your funding stage
  • Be clear on what your funding is for
  • Target relevant investors
  • Get the right funding at the right time

I will leave you to read (and watch the video content) of their blog post at your own leisure. If any points spark your interest in getting ‘investor ready’, please do not hesitate to contact me (or one of my Corporate Finance colleagues direct).

I was pleased to see some other funders mentioned in the blog post, either by name (Crowdcube) and/or by category, e.g. Venture Capital and Business Angels. A key element of a securing funding is matching your requirements with funders, and therefore, a knowledge of funding sources is essential.

I would like to bring your attention to our upcoming series of ‘Finance in’ events and accompanying factsheets that can be found here.

Many sources of funding, including Innovate UK, will be represented at the events and will be providing ten minute presentations with opportunities to speak to them on a one to one basis during the networking sessions over tea, coffee and lunch breaks.

These events are free to attend and more details can be found below, including how to book:

We always welcome the presenters of the ‘Finance in’ events to provide us with blog material in the lead up to the events. Innovate UK have already taken us up on this offer and their material can be viewed here.

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