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Innovate UK – Funding opportunities

Last week, I received two emails regarding funding opportunities that are available through Innovate UK:

  1. Latest news and funding opportunities
  2. Current funding opportunities

There is some overlap between the two, but I would suggest that anyone engaged in R&D should take a look at both to see if there are competitions that fit with what you do, or, are looking to do. The most eye catching titles for open competitions are:

There was also some feedback from the recent Innovate UK conference, including, Innovate 2017 day 1: 50-50 split on AI creating vs taking jobs.

For those engaged in R&D, I would recommend signing up for the Innovate UK updates here.

We have recently had Innovate UK come and present at one of our Truro ‘Breakfast Briefings’ and hope to have a representative at each of our ‘Finance in’ events next year – it is my understanding that a large amount of the government’s flagship ‘Industrial Strategy’ monies will be channelled through Innovate UK.

As always, please take advice on the potential interaction between a grant for R&D and the availability of R&D tax credits – we have a team here who can answer your questions on this matter.

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