There is a wall of money out there for good businesses

17th April, 2018

“There is a wall of money out there for good businesses” (quote from a Sunday Times piece on Alternative Finance).

The above was my favourite quote from my weekend readings of the financial press. It was from a businessman who followed it with my second favourite quote, ”You’ve just got to work out what you are and what’s best for you”.

Arguably, if you take the quotes together and include a reference to ‘business support’, it would sum up the reasons to why we have been hosting our ‘Finance in’ events over the past 10 years.

Amongst the other interesting information referred to in the article:

  1. Research published last week by the challenger bank Aldermore, showed that 42% of medium-sized firms (between 50 and 249 employees) had missed out on opportunities because of a lack of funding. The average impact on income for the businesses affected was £110,960 over 12 months, Aldermore said.
  2. There are references to ‘royalty financing’ –“an American import where investors get a guaranteed percentage of future revenues”. I will be catching up with Capitalise later this week when they visit us to present at ‘Finance in Cornwall’ and I will be asking them, as well as my colleagues, to emphasise on Corporate Finance, to see what knowledge I can glean on from our interaction with royalty financiers. For now, my colleagues and I are busy at the final stages of preparation for this year’s remaining ‘Finance in’ events:

We look forward to seeing you there and hearing about the various bricks in the “wall of money”. The business support providers will be there to assist you in getting ‘investment ready’ and finding ‘what is best for you’ and how to present yourself as a ‘good business’.

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