What will we be covering in ‘FINANCE IN CORNWALL’ 2019?

7th December, 2018

By Andrew James

Since taking over the organisation of Finance in Cornwall for 2019, I have been minded to make it a more collaborative affair.

Therefore, I am pleased that so far I have agreement in principal from three other organisations to co-host different sessions during the morning.  I am also waiting for one other organisation to confirm their desire to work with me on the other session.

The outline so far:

Theme/ topic Co-host
Equity TBC (but hopefully the British Business Bank)
Debt Cornwall Lenders Forum (a Cornwall Chamber initiative)
Research and Development – funding and business support Plymouth University/  Accelerate Through Innovation
Cornwall a great place to do business Invest in Cornwall/ Cornwall Development Company

Each of the above areas will have 70 minutes allocated to them and I am looking forward to discussing ideas on delivery with each of the co-hosts early in 2019.  The remit will remain the same as historically; to disseminate information on finding and business support available to Cornwall based businesses.  I am sure short presentations by a variety of funders will form the core of the event, together with case studies but based on initial discussions with the co-hosts, these are likely to be complemented with some new ideas.

The only ‘definites’ at the time of writing this are that:

  1. The event is scheduled for the morning of 25 June 2019 and will be held at Newquay Cinema
  2. I want to build on the years of successful events ever since the inaugural event initiated by ex-colleague Dave Bullen
  3. I am super excited about the event…

I will be sharing more details of the event as it evolves over the coming months.  To book a place now, please click here.

(I am also liaising with two other organisations about events for them to host in the afternoon.  Again, I will share more details in due course…)



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