Workspace, Workspace, Workspace – a final call in Cornwall and Isles of Scilly

Featuring Andrew Richards | 17th October, 2017

My colleague’s blog post on the ‘£40m call’ did mention the potential for workspace to be funded under that call, but in terms of word count, as with the call itself, the blog did major on business support.

I will seek to redress the balance in this short piece that focuses entirely on workspace.

Technical Assistance

Before I look at the call, I should bring to your attention the ‘Applicant Support Sessions’ that are being run by the Technical Assistance team at the Cornwall Development Company (CDC). Dates for potential applicants to recent calls (Priority Axis 3 and Priority Axis 4) are to meet one to one to discuss their application with the Technical Assistance team on the following dates:

  • 18 October (morning)
  • 19 October (morning)
  • 25 October (all day)
  • 3 November (all day)

These sessions will be held at CDC’s South Wheal Crofty offices. For more details about the sessions and to register an interest, please click here.

The calls where guidance will be offered include the ‘£40m call’ which, as a reminder, has a deadline for submission of ‘expression of interest’ of 10 November 2017. The other is the ‘Low carbon call‘ which has a deadline of 29 October 2017.

Based on a brief conversation my colleague had with one of the Technical Assistance team members, it is anticipated that there might be a number of workspace projects submitting applications – as the previous call for workspace was initially oversubscribed.

The ‘workspace call’

As a brief reminder, the core details of the ‘£40m call’ that are relevant to all projects, are:

  • Minimum grant size is £500k
  • Maximum intervention rate is 80% (but more likely to be between 35% and 45% for medium and small businesses respectively)

Reading the call specifications afresh, I have picked out some references to ‘workspace’ that are scattered in the Local Development Need, specifically:

“The provision of market led, high quality, modern and well located workspace. Low commercial property values and high development costs have for many years rendered commercial property development unviable in all but a few prime locations. As a result, many businesses are located in outdated accommodation, often not suiting their requirements or their aspirations. Priority will be given to projects that are able to demonstrate that they will result in the creation of new, high value knowledge based jobs with higher than average salaries for Cornwall and Isles of Scilly. The jobs must be located in the new workspace.”

And also in indicative actions:

“Provision of land and premises for employment sites, including incubation space, managed workspace, or grow on space.”

If you have a potential workspace project

If you have a workspace project in mind, I would suggest that you have a read of the call specifications and then book yourself onto the CDC sessions to see whether your project fits within the call’s requirements. You will also get some input on:

  • Procurement, financial and document management and state aid compliance;
  • Promotion and interaction of cross cutting themes within your project
  • Risks and processes associated with taking forward EU funded projects.

Anyone wanting to chat through a provisional project in advance of, or after, attending one of the CDC sessions can contact Richard Wadman or myself. If available, one of us can even accompany you to a CDC session.

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