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Merry Christmas! Our offices will be closed from 1pm on Christmas Eve, reopening on Tuesday 4 January.

Busy Crypto Bees

Where have the last few months gone?

It seems like very suddenly the world opened up, summer has been and gone, and we’re on the slope to Christmas. I am left entirely unsure of where 2021 has gone.

I have been leaving the confines of my four walls to travel back to the office, to see more members of staff than I’ve ever seen in the last 18 months (including some new joiners that are really tall, I wasn’t expecting that from the square box I am used to seeing them in on Teams…) meeting with clients and just getting out and about and seeing how the world is doing. It’s been amazing.

We have a brand new and utterly fabulous website page to showcase how we are helping our clients within the blockchain space

Part of this also included a trip, on an aeroplane (!) last weekend to the Crypto Gibraltar summit, held on the Sunborn Yacht Hotel in Gibraltar. It was a fantastic event, and great to meet so many from the industry from the UK and Gibraltar, doing a number of different things. From NFTs in the gaming industry (a run through of Axie Infinity was a highlight) to salary streaming in crypto in order to be paid every second, there was so much innovation shared, and it was a fantastic opportunity to network, especially in the serene setting of St Michael’s cave on the first evening of the event.

What else have we been up to in the last few months other than the usual plotting and general scheming of accountants I hear you ask?

We have a brand new and utterly fabulous website page to showcase how we are helping our clients within the blockchain space, so please do feel free to have a look around it here.

We ran a very successful second webinar focusing on decentralised finance with Toby Lewis of Novum Insights, Jason Tucker-Feltham from Venrai and Jeff Hancock from Coinpass. If you missed this, then you can watch the full webinar here.

We are hosting our third blockchain webinar the 4th of November focussing around NFTs, with Will Foulkes from Stephenson Law, Sarah Green from the Law Commission, and George Goodwin from OMGIdrawedit Limited. NFTs have exploded in popularity recently, and seem to continually be making headlines, whether that is a cryptopunk or bored apes yacht club sale, NFTs being utilised in gaming or the sale of a tweet. If you’d like to more know about NFTs then do join us for a chat on the 4th November by clicking here.

We have become members of CryptoUK, and look forward to being more involved in helping and assisting the regulatory framework of cryptocurrency in the UK with our experience in the sector.

With our website up and running, I will need to leave the comfort and safety of LinkedIn in order to do some more blogging; so watch this space for more content, technical updates, and general information coming soon!

Ben is a business services and taxation partner in the Taunton office, supporting individuals and businesses to achieve their financial ambitions. He relocated to the South… read more
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