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Treats galore at shop with the sweet taste of success

You’re the answer to my wishes…Truly Scrumptious.”

The words may come from the lyrics of the Sherman brothers in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang but they also capture perfectly the Dorset sweet shop which goes by the same name.

If you’re of a certain age then stepping into Jeanette Walsh’s business, just off Poole Quay, is akin to re-visiting your childhood.

The shelves heave with 228 jars of traditional and retro sweets, the names of which you may have thought disappeared decades ago.

They range from sherbert lemons, apple and custard and sweet tobacco to toffee crumble, humbugs, liquorice, and, of course, the perennial favourite, rhubarb and custard.

The names, alone, conjure up a world of black and white television, playing hopscotch in the street and where conversations about the web related to spiders rather than the internet.

But Truly Scrumptious doesn’t just live up to its name with a mouth-watering array of traditional sweets.

Jeanette and her team also make more than 20 types of fudge by hand on the premises, including several you may never have come across before.

Banoffee, lemon meringue, ginger, Baileys, and Marmite – yes, you read that correctly Marmite – are some of the more exotic fudges on sale.

Add in hand-made chocolates, ice cream, gifts, drinks and a successful website – – and you have the ingredients of a thriving business.

“People love coming in here. Sometimes their faces are an absolute picture when they see sweets from their childhood,” said Jeanette who is known as the Bubble Lady (the shop has a bubble machine over the front door).

She added: “The top sellers are lemon sherbert, sweet tobacco and rhubarb and custard but we also cater for today’s tastes with sugar-free and gluten-free confectionary as well as a range of vegan chocolate.”

Jeanette, a former senior buyer at Poole Hospital, bought the business seven years ago from the previous owners.

“I didn’t have a retail background but felt the shop had a lot of potential. The first few years were somewhat of a baptism of fire, working 12 hours a day, seven days a week, and literally doing everything,” said Jeanette.

“I’ve had great support from my mum, Ann Wood, who looks after the books, and my son, Alex, regularly helps out. We have four part-time staff, including Alex’s fiancée, Charlotte, and the shop turns a good profit which is increasing every year.

“It’s hard work but very satisfying. We have some wonderful reviews on TripAdvisor – 96 per cent rate Truly Scrumptious as ‘excellent’ or ‘very good’ – and get a lot of lovely feedback from customers. Many come back year after year when they’re on holiday in the area.”

Jeanette’s future plans include generating more revenue from the corporate market.

She said: “We already work closely with a number of local businesses, providing bespoke and personalised gifts and confectionary, but there’s a lot more we could do. It’s definitely a potential growth area.”

Truly Scrumptious has been a client of PKF Francis since 2012 with James Robinson, Managing Partner at our Poole office, heading up our team.

“James is just brilliant and we receive an exceptional service from PKF Francis Clark. They provide lots of guidance when we need it, including the move to Xero cloud accounting which is so much better than our previous accounting arrangements,” said Jeanette.

“PKF Francis Clark has also assisted us in other ways such as asking us to provide the goody bags for the annual film evening for staff and their families. We pack the bags with all sorts of sweets and they always seem to go down a treat.”

James said he was “full of admiration” for Jeanette and her team.

He added: “I really look forward to my meetings, and not just because of the tempting treats on display in Jeanette’s shop.

“Jeanette is a tremendously hard worker who has built a highly successful business which is very popular with its customers. She’s really inspirational and we’re very proud to have Truly Scrumptious as a client.”

FEATURING: James Robinson
From day one of his training in October 1988, James has been involved with engineering and manufacturing clients which he is as passionate about now… read more
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