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Community Led Local Development in Cornwall – a reminder

By Andrew James

I have blogged previously on Community Led Local Development (CLLD) in Cornwall at the onset of the programme going live.  I thought it timely for a reminder and a few more useful details as the delivery of the programme has taken shape.

My colleague refers to discussions on project eligibility for grants under this programme making him feel like he is in the 1990’s film starring Keanu Reeves, The Matrix.  Anyway, having decided on the red pill, here we go…

Where is CLLD funding available in Cornwall?

To best get to grips with the project eligibility for CLLD, you have to appreciate its aim is to stimulate “economic development in Cornwall’s statistically most deprived communities through the provision of targeted grant funding”.

To this end, Cornwall is divided up into three areas:

  1. Core (most deprived)
  2. Functional areas (neighbouring a ‘core’ area)
  3. Other

To be considered eligible, projects must provide benefit for individuals and/or businesses in ‘core areas’.  Projects in a ‘functional area’ may be eligible if the project activity benefits communities in the ‘core area’.  Guidance and maps are available on the CLLD website and assistance is available through the CLLD facilitators – see further below.

How much funding is available?

The minimum grant is £1,000 and there is no maximum grant.  However, your project must provide value for money so the more you request the greater the amount of benefit your project will be expected to deliver. 

Grants are administered by the Local Action Group (LAG) covering a defined geographic area within the county (there are four LAGs in Cornwall).  The grants themselves are broadly in three categories:

Category Grant size
Community Small Grants Scheme or Enterprise Small Grants Scheme min £1,000 to max £9,999
CLLD main scheme £10,000+

CLLD cannot fund 100% of your project and you should consider how you will make up the difference.

What can CLLD fund?

Based on information I have been provided with, I have summarised the types of project that are being sought:

Type More details Small Grants or Main Scheme (see above)
Businesses and enterprise support If you have a business in a core area you could apply for a CLLD grant to increase productivity, particularly where this will create additional employment.  This may include the cost of equipment, an e-commerce website, business support consultancy and the expansion or creation of work premises. Both
Projects that provide training for unemployed or inactive residents in CLLD eligible areas Training can include a range of activities that focus on the needs of the person you are supporting.  You must help unemployed or economically inactive people to develop in some way, e.g. skills, confidence, increased aspiration and aim to lead them into further training, job searching or employment on completion of your project.    Your organisation doesn’t have to be based in a core area, but the beneficiaries you support must live there.   If your organisation is based outside a core area, the LAG will expect to see some form of partnership working with a local organisation.  You will also need to tell CLLD how you plan to engage with the people you wish to support. Both
Projects that could help people in CLLD eligible areas establish their own business CLLD can fund projects that will help potential entrepreneurs get to the point where they are ready to set up their own business.  This will include a minimum of 12 hours tailored support and can cover topics such as an appropriate legal structure for the business, registering for tax, market research, promotion customer service etc. Main

How do I access the funding and how long does it take?

Again, based on information I have been provided with:

Application for: Process and timetable
Small grants You will need to complete an application form providing details of your organisation and project including who will benefit and how.  You should receive a decision within six weeks of submitting a fully completed application.  
Main grant Applications to the main scheme are through a two stage application process.  The first stage is a simplified application giving an overview of your organisation and project.  This is checked for eligibility and presented to the Local Action Group for comment.  If successful, you will be invited to make a full application giving more detail about your project and the benefit it will deliver.  You have up to two months to submit a completed full application.  You should receive a decision within 12 weeks of submitting a completed full application.  This two stage process will take between four to six months depending how long you take to submit your full application.

If you have a project you think might fit with CLLD in Cornwall:

You can of course talk to me or go straight to one of the CLLD facilitators to discuss your project. 

A CLLD facilitator can confirm whether your project is eligible for CLLD funding and if it is, they will support you through the process of making an application. 

More details and contact details for each a CLLD facilitator for each LAG area can be found here.

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