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Conversation over Coffee – Au Naturale

Following on from our Conversation over Coffee on “sustainability” late in 2020, our Truro Office Green Team had been working on a series of following up events. After discussions with contacts at Exeter University they opted for a nature/biodiversity theme for the first follow up event and that happened yesterday.

“Nature of business and business of nature”

In the lead up to the event I realised this was a fast-emerging topic for businesses to engage with – so I was full of anticipation when I logged on yesterday.

And I was not disappointed as I listened avidly as my colleague James chaired an event that highlighted:

  • Why are we talking about biodiversity and business in the same sentence?
  • The direction of travel (see below)
  • Practical examples of businesses interacting positively with nature – directly and through supply chains
  • Recognition that interaction with nature is being considered as part of “sustainability” by businesses of all sizes (and external parties – governments, consumers and general public)
  • Importance of considering interaction of business with nature as part of “brand” and positive reactions of doing so – internally and externally
  • Ways of imbedding nature into the culture of business and individuals
  • Mental health benefits of engaging with nature

And you need not miss out. Well, you may have missed on seeing the event of the decade live (think “Friends reunion” but with more relevant content) but you can still watch it via link.

Thank you to all involved:

  • James Ross from PKF Francis Clark
  • Dan Bloomfield and Alex Huke form Exeter University
  • Julia Twomlow from PK Porthcurno
  • Piers Thompson from St Austell Brewery
  • Sarah Witts from Nature Connects

One final comment on the event from me – I think it was mentioned by one of our conversationalists yesterday that “business and nature” now is where “business in climate change” was a decade or so ago.  I anticipate that the momentum on this issue will accelerate faster as we collectively realise that action must be taken – and some of that action will be “forced” onto businesses either through legislation and/ or statutory reporting and through consumer pressures.  So, I hope you find the session useful in terms of understanding the issue and as a reference point of inspiration and information to engage proactively.

For more background information check out other blogs drafted by our Green Team including:

Next up/ Future events 

I understand our Green Team are looking at future sustainability focused Conversations over Coffee with topics being considered including – the Circular Economy in the South West; Sustainable Investing and B-Corp what, why and how?  If you would be interested in any of these please let me know as this will assist us in our planning.

Next up is likely to be a sequel to our best attended Conversation over Coffee to date – Blockchain 2 – you heard it here first…

Please keep an eye on our Events page for details of these events and others PKF Francis Clark are hosting.

FEATURING: Richard Wadman
Richard qualified as a Chartered Accountant with KPMG in 1993. Since 2006 he has worked in Corporate Finance, firstly with the predecessor firm in Truro… read more
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