Cyber Security Brochure

22nd September, 2018

If your business was attacked today, would it be protected?

Organised crime has shifted its focus to SMEs, where the risks of being caught are much lower and many businesses are under protected. Cyber crime is an ongoing critical business risk and although technology evolves to protect businesses, cyber criminals develop faster, newer ways to steal assets and identities and interrupt business activities.

If your business was targeted today, would your cyber security protocols be sufficient to protect your valuable and sensitive company information? If you’re not sure, then the chances are that your business is not doing everything it can to avoid being a victim of the latest cyber scams.

However, there are practical ways that businesses can reduce the risk of cyber-attacks and PKF Francis Clark can work with you to implement and maintain robust cyber security policies and procedures. Prioritising and dealing with cyber security also demonstrates good governance which can impact on shareholder and customer confidence.

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