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Grant funding for training – up to 100% costs covered, but time is limited to register your interest

HMRC has identified the potential strain on freight forwarders and customs agents to submit customs declarations in a post-Brexit scenario, where goods entering the UK will need to clear through customs.

They are hoping some businesses will opt to complete declarations in-house or that other businesses may set up/gear up for preparing declarations on behalf of other businesses. To consider doing this and in order to complete the declarations correctly, HMRC appreciate that businesses need to have the appropriate knowledge.

As a result, HMRC has allocated grant funding to businesses for three different areas:

  • Training – to increase knowledge so that the business would consider completing declarations
  • IT improvements – purchase software/systems in order to facilitate customs processes – currently aimed at businesses making declarations for others
  • Recruitment – specifically for freight forwarders and customs agents – to help submit more declarations

You can apply for funding for up to 100% of the cost of training, provided you can confirm this would not increase the amount of de-minimis state aid received above the €200,000 threshold. A link to state aid can be found here but please let us know if you would like our help with this.

Our team can deliver training in the core customs areas that would help businesses understand customs obligations. We have developed the following training sessions which are bespoke to the businesses we present to:

  • Classification
  • Rules of origin
  • Import procedures
  • Export procedures
  • Customs documentation
  • Valuation
  • Export licences

Time to register and apply for funding is limited – you will need to register by 17 January and submit your application by 31 January. However, the training does not need to be completed until six months after receipt of the grant – so no rush there at least!

For further information on how we can help, or if you have any questions about grant funding, please contact us at [email protected].

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