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Have you heard of the PayPal Giving Fund?

Just last week, an email landed in my inbox from PayPal inviting me to join their ‘Giving Fund’. Having been aware of the popular and widely used similar initiatives such as ‘Just Giving’ and ‘Virgin Money Giving’, I was curious to find out what the PayPal Giving Fund entailed and what differentiated it from the other online funding sites.

What is it and what makes it different?

As a registered charity and as described by PayPal themselves on their website, the “Giving Fund helps people support their favourite charities online and helps charities raise funds through PayPal, eBay and other technology platforms”. Uniquely, and unlike the other charity giving sites, the PayPal Giving fund does not charge fees or commissions, as operating costs are covered by their partners. This means that a £10 sale on the site, for example, would translate to a £12.50 charity donation, if supporters choose to donate 100%.

Who are the partners?

PayPaleBayGoFundMe, and Humble Bundle.

How does it work?

Charities can enrol online through an easy set up process on the PayPal website here and once this stage has been completed, charities will appear in the directories of their partner’s websites. Supporters can search and select charities and donations can be made through the online platforms (PayPal, eBay, GoFundMe, and Humble Bundle). Receipts are then provided to donors and donations are granted to the charities in monthly pay outs.

 Is this the right option for my charity?

There are a handful of options and alternatives when it comes to registering your charity on fundraising sites. They all differ slightly and we therefore recommend that you research the sites and consider the pros and cons of each to decide which funding site(s) is best and most suitable for your charity.  However, it would seem an easy and low risk way of diversifying income streams and gaining wider exposure for your charity.

If you/your charity requires some guidance on fundraising or other charity related matters, please get in touch with your PKF Francis Clark Charity Team who would be more than happy to assist you.

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