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Maritime Fisheries Fund – Open for applications until March 2022

Launched in anticipation of Brexit happening on 31 October 2019, the Maritime and Fisheries Fund (MMF) is intended to “build on the government’s commitment to secure a fairer share of fishing opportunities for UK fishermen as it takes back control of fishing waters and establishes the UK as an independent coastal state.”

The fund in England is open to that applications that:

  • deliver productive investment in the processing of fisheries and aquaculture products
  • support innovation – in technologies to enhance economic growth, increase energy efficiency, reduce environmental impact and improve fishing safety
  • improve port infrastructure – so more fish can be landed in UK ports, and help the sector take advantage of new export opportunities after Brexit
  • boost coastal communities – by providing benefits to areas that depend on a vibrant and profitable industry
  • help the sector adjust – to new arrangements on access and fishing opportunities by improving capacity and capability to exploit new export opportunities and markets
  • improve safety on fishing vessels or on shore – funding safety measures that prevent accidents such as new handrails and ladders

More details of the above and the MMF priorities can be found here.

And see further below.


“The MFF is a funding scheme which will support private applicants in fisheries, inland waters, aquaculture and maritime sectors. The fund provides support for sustainable development within the fishing and aquaculture sectors and conservation of the marine environment, alongside growth and jobs in coastal and marine related sectors. The purpose of the scheme is to provide England with a financial support mechanism to the fisheries, inland waters, aquaculture and maritime sectors. The scheme will help England reach economic, environmental and social goals and:

  • help fishermen in the transition to sustainable fishing
  • finance projects that create new jobs and improve quality of life along our coasts”

This fund is in addition to the existing European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) which is currently administered by the MMO Grants team.

Activities that could be eligible for MMF grant support and organisations that can apply

(Note: This list below is not exhaustive. Contact the MMO if you’re unsure whether your business type or the activity you want to fund is eligible.)

Who can apply:


Can apply for funding to:
· the owner of an English registered fishing vessel and you commercially fish from a port based in England

· fisherwoman, spouses or legal partners

· an aquaculture organisation

· an organisation of fishermen or fisherwomen

· involved in production, processing, marketing, distribution of fisheries and aquaculture products

· an association, including new aquaculture farmers

· private universities and research institutes

· small, micro and medium-sized businesses

· scientific organisations working in the maritime sectors (restrictions apply)


· improve the energy efficiency of your gear or vessel

· expand your business into new markets and find new ways of increasing productivity and throughput

· improve health and safety

· boost the value and quality of your product and including ways to use unwanted catch

· improve fishing ports, landing sites, auction halls and shelters

· try innovations in fisheries, the maritime sector and aquaculture

· marketing measures

· process fishery and aquaculture products

· start a partnership between scientists and fishermen

· create jobs in the fishing or aquaculture sectors

· create social dialogue

· implement conservation measures and regional co-operation

· limit the impact of fishing on the marine environment and adapt fishing methods to protect species

· innovation that could conserve marine biological resources protect and restore marine biodiversity and ecosystems and inland waterways for migratory species

· investments in aquaculture

· projects that promote human capital and networking in aquaculture

Projects to be considered under the MFF scheme should not have a total project cost exceeding €2million based on relevant exchange rates.


How to apply

More information on the scheme, including to how to apply for funding, please click here.


If you have any queries on the above, please feel free to contact me, or go direct to the Marine Management Organisation. T: 0208 026 5539 or E: [email protected]

By Andrew James

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