Hotels Leisure Tourism February 2018

22nd August, 2018

The last year has seen some curious trends in trading. Average occupancies were up ever so slightly on 2016 levels with overall numbers up 1.5%. As described in previous editions we normally see anything more than about 2% as significant, but a 1.5% overall increase remains good, particularly when compared with the overall picture.

Opportunity Knocks

The early 2010’s were trading with average overall occupancies at just above 50% and this has risen well over the last seven years to 55% last year, the highest our records have shown for an overall year. The graph illustrates the monthly long term trends which also point to a levelling of the annual chart. Inevitably there will always be a bulging of the curve around the summer months, but occupancies in November and December are now closer to 40% on average than below the 30%’s experienced previously.

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