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Research & development tax relief

The definition of eligible Research and Development (R&D) is much broader in scope than you might think and can include any work that seeks to improve or create a process, material, device, product or service through the resolution of technological uncertainty the solution to which was not readily deducible to a competent professional working in the field. Whether or not a project achieves its objective does not matter; and in fact if a project failed for technological reasons then this is a strong indicator that qualifying R&D has taken place.

Any field of science or technology may be the focus of an R&D project by companies in almost any industry sector. From ‘softer’ technology projects such as developing improved food packaging through to software development and on to ‘hard’ industrial engineering projects from the manufacturing sector.

PKF Francis Clark has a specialist Research and Development Tax Relief Team familiar with preparing claims with an enviable success rate. Our experience and understanding of the complexities of the regime mean that we can help you identify all areas of eligibility, associated qualifying expenditure.

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