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Resource Action Fund – A grant funding stream for businesses engaged in food and plastic packaging waste

As anyone who follows the news will be aware food waste and plastic packaging waste are ‘big issues’ following increased public awareness and [consequent?] government attention including various consultations on ‘tax’ and other legislative measures.

What may not be as well-known is the potential availability of funding to assist businesses and charities to develop innovative solutions to the waste problems. This funding is predominately administered by WRAP (The Waste and Resources Action Programme), details of which can be found via their funding website. Currently open are elements of the Resource Action Fund and Capital Grants for Manufacturers (Wales only).  Below I give an overview of Resource Action Fund…

Resource Action Fund – overview

The Resource Action Fund is an £18million fund, to support new projects in England, aimed at resource efficiency. Funded by Defra, the Resource Action Fund will, “support key policy outcomes in the areas of food, plastics, textiles, recycling infrastructure and litter. It will do this through a variety of mechanisms including large and small-scale grants, and through expert support in the areas of food and non-household municipal recycling”.

It would appear the funding will be delivered through a series of Innovate UK type ‘themed’ competitions, currently the Plastics Packaging and Textile Recycling grants is open for applications.

It is always dangerous of me to be presumptuous but on initial review I am not sure these will be widely applicable to our client base but I give some details lifted from the WRAP website just in case.

Resource Action Fund – Currently open and coming soon?

Theme, deadlines and link to further information (if applicable) Type Overview
Plastics Packaging & Textiles Recycling Grant – Stage 1 proposals open 12 June – 2 August 2019 Large scale grants


This scheme will provide funding support for new capital infrastructure projects that will help to recycle difficult plastic packaging and textile materials. This grant will support economic/commercial activity. The competition is separated into two lots:

• Lot 1: Plastic packaging 

• Lot 2: Textiles 


Wave 2: Food biochemical processing/food valorisation – TBC

Small scale grants


Programme of grants to support pilot projects to provide new biochemical processing or valorisation for food that would otherwise become waste. We are encouraging the industry to propose new processes and technologies that can be implemented and tested, with the project results being reported by the recipient back to Defra/WRAP. The grants will fund both revenue and capital costs

Wave 3: Citizens food waste prevention interventions – TBC

Small scale grants


Programme of grants to provide new and proven citizen interventions that will encourage and influence citizens to reduce food waste
Recycling infrastructure – opening date 18 July 2019 Small scale grants Programme of grants to provide capital infrastructure to increase recycling capacity of non-household municipal waste.
Litter Bin infrastructure – opening date TBC Small scale grants Programme of grants that will provide support for improved litter bin infrastructure.


 Further information

Further details can be found at the links above for currently open grant programmes. This information can also be accessed at via the links found here. We also anticipate more details of the schemes not yet open to be posted up on the site in due course.

If you have any questions about the fund now, you can contact [email protected], or we can make contact on your behalf.

And do not forget Research & Development (R&D) Tax Credits

For those innovative companies among you, there is the possibility of claiming R&D Tax Credits and, as always, be aware of the interaction between R&D Tax Credits and grants. Any innovative companies, please speak to one of my colleagues in the R&D Tax Relief team on the subject.

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