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Rocksalt & Salumi

Jenkins Family Kitchen - Rocksalt & SalumiThe Jenkins family pride themselves in creating a special dining experience with their two Plymouth restaurants. Great food served in a relaxed setting, without sittings, and cooked by someone with real skill and passion is the secret to their success.

Rocksalt Café & Brasserie is located in central Plymouth, which the family acquired over 5 years ago and completely gutted. Rocksalt has built a considerable reputation serving both brunch and dinner menus as well as a very tempting tasting menu.

In August 2011, the family opened Salumi Bar & Eatery close to the Plymouth Pavilions. While Rocksalt enjoys a more evening oriented intimate ambience, Salumi is more informal combining great food with a wide range of beers.

David Jenkins is the head chef/general manager and is responsible for devising their creative menus.

He said:

“What the two restaurants have in common is being small family businesses driven by a passion for what we do. My parents Steve and Jean first saw the opportunity and backed me to make a success of it. My wife Chantel works out front and helps with PR and some back office work.

“My Dad and brother Robert did most of the building work and Robert is always on hand as Mr. Fixit. My mother is the backbone of the business doing the administration including HR and with my sister Louise, who also works front of house, she looks after the interior design and decoration.

“Our family values have a massive impact on the business. We were brought up to have respect for others, to be polite and courteous and this permeates through in both the way we treat the staff and the way we treat our clientele.”

David acknowledges that the explosion of chain restaurants in Plymouth has made the food sector very competitive, but he added,

“Competition helps you develop and keep your finger on the pulse of what the customer wants and what new trends are emerging.

“This is a lifestyle occupation which is supported by the family structure. You never have a day off mentally. The two restaurants are like another two kids – they keep you busy, they keep you up at night, they are very demanding but you’re proud of them and they are very rewarding.”

PKF Francis Clark Family Business Accounting partner, Martin Atkins has been advising the business since 2015 and, along with his wider team, has helped to make the business tax efficient through incorporation and restructuring, review of the VAT position (including a considerable rebate) and making sure that all possible tax reliefs were considered during the restoration works.

Martin Atkins commented:

“We have built up a fantastic relationship with David and the wider family, all of whom are pivotal to the success of the business. We have therefore helped them to plan for the family future, providing a sounding board and being adviser on their long term plans, alongside capital gains and inheritance tax planning for the individual family members.

“The Jenkins family work really hard, and we work closely with them to make sure that all of that hard work really pays off for them and for the future generations”.

FEATURING: Martin Atkins
Martin is a business services partner working across our Plymouth and Exeter offices and has lived in Devon all his life. The relationships he has… read more
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