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We work with you to identify the cyber threat landscape that surrounds your business. Our core cyber security services are designed to determine weaknesses and vulnerabilities to enable your business to put prevention measures into place and protect against future attacks. Our service is tailored to your requirements and includes an initial free site visit.

We can also provide training to your staff in order that they can take ownership of a robust prevention strategy going forwards.


Cyber Security Brochure

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We offer an initial, free, no-obligation site visit

Information Assurance

A review which identifies clients current cyber risks across technology, data, delivery channels and the external environment

Vulnerability assessment

An evaluation of the security controls within an organisation including processes, guidelines and standards, protection processes and incident management. This also includes a technical assessment of the current vulnerabilities

Penetration testing

Simulated attacks which evaluate the protection of your organisation. Penetration testing can be conducted from different perspectives depending on requirements and can either be performed remotely to simulate an attack over the internet, or internally to simulate an internal threat. These are designed to offer clients maximum assurance whilst ensuring that testing is safe and non-disruptive


A programme designed to brief employees on their corporate and security responsibilities and to ensure that staff contracts include security obligations and reminders which are sent at regular intervals. We can provide cyber security training to ensure that your employees are up to date with the latest threats.

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