Employee Benefits Platform

What is an Employee Benefits platform?

Employee Benefits platforms are smart standalone web portals that host and manage simple or complex benefit arrangements. Platforms also often include access to thousands of shops and retailers where significant discounts and deals can be found.

Employee Benefits Platforms have become more prevalent in the UK market as employers seek to offer a wider selection of meaningful and impactful benefits to attract and retain talent while also displaying these in a simple but refreshing way.

Despite their simplicity, platforms have generally only been available to larger corporations but we believe that there is no reason why benefit platforms can’t be accessible to smaller or medium size businesses.

Not only are systems changing but so are employees, they are technologically more astute and generally expect employers to offer more in the way of financial protection cover but also flexibility to select benefits they feel are important to them.

For these reasons, we have developed a bespoke Employee Benefits platform to support our clients with their staff and benefit strategies.

Key Features

  • Hosting benefits and important documents
  • Commitment to data security through IASME Gold Standard Accreditation
  • Personalised accounts for each employee
  • Automation where set HR practises exist
  • Payroll input reporting
  • Employee self-service and benefit applications
  • Usage and management reports
  • Shopping portal with thousands of discounts
  • Automated e-mail communication
  • Support team reachable via call centre, e-mail and online messaging

How can we help?

We are able to support and advise you if you are reviewing existing benefits or thinking of introducing a selection of meaningful benefits for your employees.

Employee Benefits Platform Team

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