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Governance Advisory Service

Expertise and range of experience to guide you through.

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It has probably never been a more challenging time to be a charity trustee or an academy school governor. You are volunteers, and want the very best for your organisation, but the regulations are becoming more stringent and the scrutiny keeps getting harsher.

With over 250 Not-For-Profit clients we can use our vast expertise and range of experience to guide you through implementing robust governance measures.

Helping you to fulfil your charity’s vision

We can help you set up a risk register, guide you through a Board skills audit, help you negotiate the Governance Code or assist with your narrative reporting. Carrying out a review of your governance arrangements is key to ensuring that you are on the right path and that your organisation is set for future success.

Our regular technical updates, as well as our annual conferences and seminars, ensure that you remain fully informed and know the right questions to ask. We believe that part of our role is to develop robust Boards so that they feel able to challenge and hold executives to account.

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