Individual Planning

At whatever stage of life you are at and whatever level of wealth you currently have, it certainly helps to have a plan to get to where you want to in life.

There will be challenges and bumps in the road as you progress along life’s journey and our role as financial planners is to ensure these are met and overcome with a robust yet flexible financial plan.

How do I get a plan?

Our Individual Financial Planning service explores your aims and objectives and once we know where you are headed we can devise a plan tailored to your particular requirements, this can range from a very complex multifaceted plan right down to simply using your ISA allowance each year.

Most importantly, the plan should be tailored to reflect your aims and not be unnecessarily complicated.

Our planning process

In order to create a plan that’s truly effective we take our clients through a 4 step process:

1. Discovery meeting:

As the name suggests, this meeting is all about getting to know you, your circumstances and gaining an understanding of your goals for the future and what your drivers are for making those goals a reality. It’s important that our relationship is built on mutual understanding and a desire to work together. At this meeting we will explore, through a series of questions, how your money is able to deliver the life you desire.

2. Strategy report:

Following the discovery meeting we can begin to put together a bespoke plan of action, which in most cases means providing a written report detailing our recommendations for your financial plan in full. The vast majority of our clients are on long-term financial plans, as these tend to yield the best results. Whichever plan of action we recommend for you, we’ll keep its progress and your circumstances under constant review, so that we can adapt if things change.

3. Implementation:

Now it’s time to put your financial plan into action. This could involve signing up to new products or moving existing products if they’re no longer supporting your long-term goals. Implementing a financial plan can involve lengthy forms and technical jargon, which is where the expertise of our Client Liaison Assistants come in. They’ll help to manage the entire process, ensuring that you get exactly what’s been agreed with the minimum amount of fuss. The suitability report we provide at this stage will outline why our recommendations are right for you and how we arrived at particular products and providers.

4. Regular reviews:

Life can bring about many unexpected twists and turns – marriage, divorce, children, grandchildren and new careers to name just a few. When your circumstances change so may the requirements of your financial plan. Regular reviews enable us to address any changes, keeping your plan up-to-date, and you also benefit from any new products that may have been introduced to the market since your plan was set-up.

Of course our advice doesn’t end there, outside of your regular reviews you have unlimited access to your Financial Planner and dedicated Client Liaison Assistant, who are on hand to answer any queries you might have.

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Our specialist team of financial planners will work with you to devise a robust yet flexible financial plan focused around achieving your aims and objectives. Send an email to our individual planning specialists now or call us:

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