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Options for Creditors

Helping achieve a successful recovery of a debt.

Two businessmen are discussing or negotiating business channels.

Not being paid by your customer is frustrating and in the worse cases could lead to the insolvency of your business through no fault of your own.

Creditors often don’t realise there are a number of options available to them which could lead to the successful recovery of a debt.

Free Advice

We have experience of working with owners and credit controllers of corporations, SMEs and Small Organisations, advising and assisting on the options available to them.

We offer a no obligation consultation free of charge and in many cases this will not lead to any cost to the creditor of the insolvent business.

Correspondence from Insolvency Practitioners

We know that correspondence from an insolvency practitioner can be full of jargon which most creditors do not fully understand.

We can review the documents on your behalf and explain the consequences for you and your business.

Creditor Reviews

If you are having difficulty getting paid by a customer we can advise on your options.

These range from improving your internal credit control to obtaining security for the debt.

In the most serious situations taking steps to place your customer into a formal insolvency procedure.


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