Pensions & Divorce

Divorce is not just putting couples under emotional strain but it’s also potentially harming their retirement plans.

After a home, a pension fund can be the second largest asset owned by a family. On divorce or dissolution of a marriage, you can split pensions several ways but achieving a fair resolution of all the financial issues can be a very stressful process.

We are highly experienced in advising clients and their legal representatives involved in divorce proceedings on how to achieve a fair resolution.

This includes:

  • Establishing how much pensions are worth (work pensions, personal pensions and State pension)
  • Transfer value analysis
  • Advising on what can be divided (the rules for England & Wales differ to Scotland)
  • Do you need a court order?
  • Post retirement divorce
  • The financial impact of divorce
  • Post-divorce financial planning

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Pensions & Divorce Specialists

If you are, or believe that you might become involved in divorce proceedings, we’ll provide you with expert advice in a completely confidential manner. Send an email to our pensions & divorce specialists now or call us:

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