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Office closures - Our teams have worked exceptionally hard during the pandemic, so we are giving everyone an extra day’s holiday as a thank you. On Friday 23 July our offices will be closed and we will be offline.

Receipt Bank

Pre-Accounting for accountants and bookkeepers.

PKF Francis Clark have been working with Receipt Bank since 2015 as our first cloud accounting add-on.

Go paperless in your business too; digitalise your purchase invoices and store them alongside the bank payment within your chosen Cloud Accounting package.

Receipt Bank Features

  • Submit on the go for any device
  • Add your entire team to get the full picture
  • Create rules for automation
  • Save time and duplication!
The Old Way The Receipt Bank way
Piles of receipts and invoices build up over the last month Take 10 minutes to send photos or documents to be processed by our software
Wastes valuable time and money on repetition, extra staff and human error No duplication or lost info as all data is saved securely in the cloud
Spend 4 hours manually typing expenses into a spreadsheet Publish to your cloud accounting package and save time and money on automation

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