Smart Money Newsletter Mar/Apr 2018 - PKF Francis Clark
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Merry Christmas! Our offices will be closed from 1pm on Christmas Eve, reopening on Tuesday 4 January.

Smart Money Newsletter Mar/Apr 2018

Welcome to our latest edition: 2018 Mar-Apr FCFP Newsletter.

Whether you are looking to create, protect or preserve your wealth for future generations, inside this edition we look at areas you may wish to discuss with us.

The full list of the articles featured in this issue appears on page 02. Highlights below.

Page 03 – Tax planning tips

As we near the 2017/18 tax year end on 5 April, we’ve provided some tips to help you maximise the use of your various tax allowances and minimise the tax you pay.

Page 04 – Inheritance Tax survey results

Without professional advice and careful financial planning, HMRC can become the largest beneficiary of your estate following your death. We consider the findings of a recent survey about Inheritance Tax that shows many wealthy Britons are either ignoring estate planning solutions or have forgotten about the benefits these can provide.

Page 06 – Long term investments

We look at why investors need to keep to their strategies and move ahead by spreading risk and growing their wealth for the long term.

Trying to second-guess the impact of events such as Brexit or the recent stock market correction rarely pays off. Instead, investors who focus on long-term horizons – at least five to ten years – have historically fared much better.

Page 12- Savings and protection insurance

How prepared are you for any financial shocks? Over three million working couples are classed as ‘double income, no option’ (DINOs). We consider the scenario many couples could face without adequate savings or protection insurance if one of the main earners is unable to work for a period of time.

We hope you enjoy reading this edition and invite you to contact us if you would like to discuss or review any area of your financial plans. Seize the day. Your wealth is your life’s work; helping you create, protect and preserve it is ours

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