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Case Study: What is a career in tax like?

After working in the tax industry for four and a half years, and graduating from university with a degree in Accounting and Finance, Raj decided to further his career by accepting a position at PKF Francis Clark. Here he provides a case study of what it’s like to have a career in tax at PKF Francis Clark.


Variety and Autonomy

Raj Sangha joined PKF Francis Clark in June 2021. He decided to pursue a career in tax to proactively help clients avoid making financial mistakes. Initially, what appealed to him the most about working at PKF Francis Clark is the huge variety of clientele.

Having the opportunity to work in a larger firm, with a vast variety of clientele, was a step in the right direction… It’s opened so many doors for me.

Now, Raj can work with a balance between smaller, local company clients, and larger corporate clients – some of which are famous within the sports industries. He already has a great level of responsibility as he’s trusted to work directly with major clients. He gets the chance to learn on the job and gain experience by collaborating with senior members of staff on large, detailed projects.

My expectations were high anyway, but they’ve definitely been exceeded.


Career Progression

However, it isn’t just the volume of clientele that Raj finds rewarding. PKF Francis Clark is very accommodating. Raj says that the firm recognises his full potential to succeed, and they’re paying for his tuition as he continues the ATT CTA tax pathway to be a fully qualified tax professional. PKF Francis Clark values and encourages career progression, which makes it a supportive and positive place to work.

At PKF Francis Clark there is nothing holding me back… My greatest achievement has been joining the firm. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my career.



Even though Raj is based at the Bristol office, he currently lives in Wolverhampton – a two-hour commute each way. Again, the firm’s approach has been flexible. Instead of making in-office working compulsory, PKF Francis Clark adapted so much during the Covid-19 pandemic that hybrid-working will continue to be a real option for all employees. The firm supplies all the working-from-home equipment.

Raj still tries to go into the office once a week, but he values the ability to work from home. He saves a lot of time from not having to commute every day, which allows him to adjust his day-to-day working patterns. He doesn’t need to worry about any technical issues he might have either because online support is constantly available.

The option is there, and it is welcomed.

For more information about what it’s like to have a career in tax at PKF Francis Clark, visit our careers website.


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