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Valuation in the context of the business (company) life-cycle

This morning, my colleagues hosted a breakfast seminar on the topic of “Valuation in the context of the business (company) life-cycle”.

As an onlooker, I enjoyed this event. I liked the format of presentations, with each presenter speaking on their specialist area for a few minutes on valuation touch points at three distinct areas in a company’s growth cycle:  start-up; growth and established.

This set up enabled the speakers to cover a wide range of topics, but keeping to value creation and/ or value preservation as the central theme.  Amongst the topics mentioned, the presenters worked their way through the stages of company life cycle:

  • Enterprise Investment Scheme
  • Growth Shares and EMI Share Options
  • Deferred consideration and Earn Out
  • The importance of the team
  • Articles of Association/ Shareholders Agreements
  • IP ownership

I was not the only one who thought highly of the event, with a number of attendees making positive remarks, including an email from at least one attendee thanking us – “I thought it was really well put together, pitched right, good duration… really helpful”.

I understand the team of four who presented today will be taking this on tour – starting at the Pool Innovation Centre (date to be confirmed).

I would recommend that those interested in business and share valuation keep an eye out for future performances, and in the interim, check out the event slides here.

As always, with these events while it is the presenters that take the applause, I am also appreciative of the efforts of those behind the scenes who ensure that the event runs smoothly.  These include Linda, Devon and Carole – so thank you!

Any questions on the material covered at the event, or any other matters in connection with business or company share, please do not hesitate to contact me in the first instance.

By Andrew James

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