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Valuation seminar is highly valued

By Andrew James

Last week, our Truro office hosted their second breakfast briefing of the year – this was on the subject of “Business and share valuations – methodologies, terminologies and practical tips”.

The speakers Ed Marffy (PKF Francis Clark) and Henry Maples (Murrell Associates) earned a round of applause from the 26 attendees and comments such as this morning’s briefing was a great session and by far the best one to date”.

After giving some context to the material that was to follow, Ed gave an overview of the three most commonly used valuation methodologies before looking at valuing minority interests and then to focus on three key variables:

  • Price Earnings Ratio
  • Normalised Working Capital
  • Discount Rate

Ed’s presentations were interspersed with two segments from corporate solicitor, Henry, who looked at where and how valuation may be relevant for minority shareholders and then onto protecting value on the sale of the company. The presentation can be found here.

If you have any questions on the valuation of companies or shares or business or goodwill please do not hesitate to contact Ed – [email protected].

With such a high bar set I do feel a bit sorry for the people presenting at the next breakfast briefing which is scheduled for 5 March 2019 – details will be on our website shortly…Before I sign off I must say a big thank you to the presenters, Ed and Henry, and to the people who work behind the scenes to make these events work including: Linda, Devon and Carole.

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