Alana Hamson - PKF Francis Clark
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Alana Hamson

Head of Cloud Accounting
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Head of Digital Accounting, Alana is passionate about helping business owners utilise digital accounting technology to unlock productivity. She trained as a chartered accountant and became ACA qualified in order to be a well-rounded accountant that could provide advice on all aspects of business.

Drawn to other aspects of accounting, Alana began to explore innovative accounting technology that was changing business owners’ lives. When harnessed correctly, technology can empower businesses to scale and grow, look forwards rather than backwards, and help business owners regain their time. Digital solutions have inspired change in businesses to work smarter, not harder, so we can focus more time on what life is really about – people.

Although work is never far from her mind, Alana’s other passion is exploring the globe in search of new sights and the perfect sunset. Her travels have included Thailand, New Zealand, Iceland and many more. Her new challenge is how many Xero offices she can visit across the globe!

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