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Johnny Waring

Financial Planner
photo of johnathan waring
photo of johnathan waring

Johnny is a Financial Planning Consultant in our Salisbury office and advises in areas such as business financial planning, employee benefits and personal financial planning.

He has specialist expertise advising businesses and in particular business owners & senior management, business protection, employee benefits, pensions, group risk, health & wellbeing, business investments, communication and advising employees. His advice ranges from start-up companies to large multinational firms across any industry sector.

He also has extensive experience working with individuals in areas such as retirement, estate, tax and investment planning. Balanced with the business planning knowledge, Johnny is able to provide a broad and comprehensive advising experience for his clients.

Johnny works closely with corporate and individual clients, bringing a range of tools together to form bespoke advice blended with the appropriate technology, such as cashflow modelling, to deliver comprehensive and focussed planning.

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