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Merry Christmas! Our offices will be closed from 1pm on Christmas Eve, reopening on Tuesday 4 January.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We currently undertake a wide range of activity, collectively and individually, across all our offices in accordance with these responsibilities. We have a committee made up of partners and staff all committed to ensuring that our CSR policy is implemented and developed further.

The PKF FC Charitable Foundation

The primary objective of the Foundation is to alleviate financial hardship by providing assistance to individuals, in particular:

  • Partners or employees of PKF Francis Clark LLP
  • Former partners or employees of PKF Francis Clark LLP
  • Individuals considered dependents of 1 or 2 above

Assistance can take the form of:

  • Grants
  • Loans
  • Guarantees
  • Payments on behalf of or for the benefit of the grantee for goods or services

In exceptional circumstances, the Foundation will consider an application for a grant from an organisation working to relieve financial hardship.

Caring For Our Employees

  • Work in an energy efficient, modern building using an open-plan arrangement that encourages team work
  • Manage the firm in an ethical way in areas such as client confidentiality, risk management, conflicts of interest, money laundering, health and safety and whistle blowing
  • Have a green travel plan that encourages staff to commute to and from work in as environmentally friendly way as possible
  • Provide flexible working arrangements for staff to enable them to fit their home and work lives together more easily
  • On-site services such as car valeting and dry cleaning
  • Promote diversity and equal opportunities in the workplace
  • We are committed to continual development and advancement of our staff and encourage staff to enrol and study for professional exams
  • We implement strict health and safety procedures (e.g. meeting DSE legislation) and systems to ensure we operate to the highest health and safety standards
  • We ensure that our staff are provided with all the necessary equipment required to enable them to perform their job efficiently. This includes providing remote access facility on their laptops, so that they can access any files/programmes they might require whilst they are working off-site
  • Free eye tests and vouchers towards the cost of glasses, should these be required following the eye test

Caring For Our Clients

We constantly seek to improve the overall client experience when dealing with PKF Francis Clark LLP in all capacities.

Feedback is sought from clients on a regular basis. We review this and make changes if need be to ensure that clients are provided at all times with a professional, friendly and efficient service.

We provide information to clients in electronic format whenever possible to minimise the impact on the environment.

Caring For Our Communities

  • Make regular charitable donations
  • Have staff who sit on charitable boards
  • A nominated Charity of the Year for each office
  • Implement a Christmas card amnesty
  • We offer work experience placements
  • Raising money through a number of events such as dress down day, local sporting events, local charity events and charity raffles

Caring For The Environment

  • Using green electricity supplies
  • Having an energy efficient modern building including low-energy bulbs and light and motion sensing on the lighting system
  • Virtualisation of servers to reduce the number of physical machines and hence reduce power consumption (both the computers and the associated air conditioning)
  • Centralisation of servers and software to reduce inter-office travel for technical support staff in respect of maintenance and updates
  • Move to ‘thin client’ technology to extend the working life of existing desktop machines and reduce the number of replacements to be purchased
  • Recycling paper, plastics, cardboard and glass
  • Toner cartridges are recycled for charity
  • Buying products from sustainable stocks
  • Having printing protocols which includes double-sided printing for draft documents
  • Organising ‘green’ events
  • Car sharing
  • Provision of cycle spaces and showers to encourage cycling to work (and running/walking)
  • Night audits to ensure all equipment switched off
  • Use of own mugs provided by the firm to employees
  • Reduce travel where possible by use of teleconferences, webinars and video conferences
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