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Doing Business Overseas

Helping you avoid pitfalls and maximise the available opportunities

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If you have business interests overseas or wish to expand internationally, we can provide specialist international knowledge and connections.

International Links

As a member of PKF International, we can introduce you to leading firms and professional advisers across the world.

The PKF network is an international professional association of independently-owned accounting and consulting firms. It operates from over 400 offices in 150 countries and between them the member firms generate revenue of over $1billion.

We can meet and overcome the many challenges you may face in doing business internationally such as dealing with two tax systems, overarching treaties, cultural differences and language barriers.

Our experience and expertise will help you avoid pitfalls and maximize the available opportunities including creating a tax efficient and compliant operation.

Getting Started

Planning is crucial. PKF Francis Clark can help you make those important early decisions that will help you shape your future success and avoid unnecessary mistakes. These include:

  • Staffing overseas – local recruitment or UK personnel
  • Personal tax for UK personnel – UK tax resident or overseas residency
  • International Tax on your business’ presence – do you need to create a permanent establishment?
  • Choice of business entity – branch or subsidiary?
  • Registration for local tax – What do you need to do about VAT registration (or local equivalent), business taxes, employee tax and social security?
  • Repatriation of profits
  • UK anti-avoidance rules
  • Foreign currency/banking requirements
  • Our “First Steps Abroad” provides a checklist addressing these issues and others in more detail to help you to get started
  • Residency issues

Why use PKF Francis Clark?

  • We are part of a Top 10 network with significant resources, fast turnaround and an established reputation for quality advice
  • We advise UK businesses looking to sell their ideas, innovations and products in overseas markets on suitable structures, UK tax implications, relevant commercial issues
  • As a member of PKF International, we find quality professional local advisers to help our clients in the jurisdictions where they are planning to do business
  • We have a dedicated team of experienced international advisers who are trained in international tax and international business to ensure we deal effectively with SMEs that are increasing their overseas activity and with businesses new to operating in overseas environments
  • We have strong links to other agencies including UK Trade & Investment (UKTI), foreign exchange brokers, card merchanting specialists, international lawyers and international trade finance specialists

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