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Legal Accountants

Maximising the performance of law firms

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Our specialist team who provides a wide range of services to the legal sector. We advise over 100 law firms across the UK ranging from top 100 firms to sole practitioners, so we can help you to manage your firm more effectively and profitably.

As the legal market becomes ever more competitive, crowded and aggressive, it’s vital to get the best advice and this is exactly what we provide. We deal with positives, giving advice that’s always proactive, knowledgeable and practical.

We have become leaders in our field because we provide experienced and skilled advice that reflects our involvement with the ICAEW Solicitors’ Special Interest Group, the Law Management Section of the Law Society, the Solicitors Regulatory Authority and other specialist legal groups at a national level.

Our core areas of expertise:

  • SRA Accounts Rules
  • Annual accounting and audit services
  • Tax and risk planning on structuring LLPs/Companies
  • Mergers, acquisitions and new start ventures
  • Compliance
  • Profit improvement & benchmarking
  • Tax planning
  • Capital funding, external finance and joint ventures
  • Strategic planning
  • Professional indemnity insurance
  • Outcome-Focused Regulation implementation (COLPs and COFAs)

Our development and consultancy services

Through our joint venture with Taylor Mowbray LLP we’re pleased to be able to offer a wide range of consultancy services to the legal sector. Here are a number of areas where we can support your business:

Time Recording – helping you capture, bill and recover more of your chargeable time

Improved Cash Flow – assisting you to collect your cash quicker and reduce partner capital in the business

Time Management – supporting you and your fee earners to improve both productivity and their working lives

People Management – helping to attract, retain and motivate your key assets

Pricing & Project Management – promoting confidence in your fee earners and providing pricing choice for your clients

Profit Sharing – giving advice, ideas and independent support on remuneration and profit arrangements

Client Money Management – easing the burden of safeguarding you and your client’s money

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