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Audit & Assurance

Building confidence through audit and assurance

For PKF Francis Clark, auditing and assurance are key elements to building confidence in an organisation’s systems, procedures and financial information.

Whether you are the owner-director of an SME, the non-director shareholder of a large company or the trustee of a not for profit organisation you need to know that the information you receive is robust, reliable and transparent.

We focus on understanding what really matters, communicating the results of our work clearly and helping you identify what works and what doesn’t.

We keep clients up to speed on developments in narrative and financial reporting, corporate governance and other issues.

We support you in deciding how and when to implement changes, including providing examples of good practice. Our work identifies where systems and internal controls can be improved, helping businesses to manage and reduce risk, and operate more effectively.

Our team of partners and directors have a broad range of industry expertise but we recognise that each business sector has its own demands and needs, so we draw on the wider expertise within the firm, where appropriate e.g. renewable energy, employee incentives, review of complex tax structures.

Our Audit and Assurance services cover entities ranging from AIM companies to SMEs, UK subsidiaries of overseas groups, and a variety of Not-for-Profit organisations, as well as reports on law firms and reports to various authorities, including grant providers.

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