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Cyber Security

Risk management for people, processes, and technology.

How we can help you

IT infrastructure is critical to almost every organisation, from large corporations and public sector bodies to SMEs. But what happens when the technology we rely on goes wrong – whether due to human error, systems failure or a malicious attack?

To maintain the security of their data and operations, all businesses should follow a continual cycle of ‘Plan – Do – Check – Act’.

Our Cyber Security experts can plan, implement and test the right controls to defend your business critical systems against the growing threat from cyber criminals.


Penetration testing

Simulated attacks which evaluate the cyber security of your business. These can be conducted remotely, to simulate an attack over the internet, or internally, to simulate an internal threat. Designed to provide maximum assurance while ensuring testing is safe and non-disruptive.

Vulnerability assessment

A technical assessment of your current vulnerabilities, which can highlight issues such as insecure configurations and outdated software. This can be internal or external to your network, and external scans can be automated monthly for continual assurance.


Designed to educate your employees about cyber security and how they can keep your organisation safe. We can help to ensure staff contracts include security obligations and send regular reminders to keep your teams up to date on the latest threats.

Information assurance

A review which identifies current cyber risks across your technology, data, delivery channels and the external environment.

Cyber Certification

Government-backed cyber certification schemes are an excellent way to reassure your customers, regulators and other stakeholders that your organisation follows best practice. We can assist with preparing for and completing the certification process.

Cyber Essentials Certification

IASME Governance Certification

Incident response management

We can ensure your organisation responds robustly to a cyber security incident, both by guiding you through a response framework or developing a pre-emptive management plan.

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Cyber Security Resources

To help you understand current cyber security threats and what you can do to protect your organisation, our team has produced the following information and guidance.

Latest Cyber Security Snapshots

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