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Cyber Security

Cyber Security services giving peace of mind to your business

Organised crime has shifted its focus to SMEs, where the risks of being caught are much lower and many businesses are under protected. Cyber-crime is an ongoing critical business risk and though technology evolves to protect businesses cyber criminals develop faster, newer ways to steal assets and identities and interrupt business activities.

Reporting on the Action Fraud website, Commissioner Adrian Leppard Commissioner of the City of London Police, commented:

“Today’s crime figures for the first time show that fraud and cyber-crime are the most prevalent crimes committed against victims in England and Wales. Fraud and cyber-crime affect every community in the country and do not discriminate by social status or geographical location”.

Are you confident your IT systems are secure?

You can never be certain that your systems are 100% secure due to the constant evolving threats. However, if you aren’t even looking, then you are leaving yourself wide open to attack.

Don’t ever think you’re ‘not important enough’ to be attacked. It doesn’t matter how small or big your organisation is or how much important information you as an individual think you might have, if you’ve got money or data (passwords, client data, emails, etc.) you are an attractive target. Along with this, recent ransomware outbreaks have shown that you don’t need to be a specific target to become a victim. Know your threats and your assets, perform some threat modelling exercises, and take practical precautions to protect what you can.

The range of threats that an organisation can face varies hugely from ransomware outbreaks to covert targeted attacks to accidental data breaches. But that doesn’t mean that businesses cannot be prepared for all of these eventualities and PKF Francis Clark can work with you to implement and maintain robust cyber security policies and procedures.

Make sure that your employees are aware of the cyber threats they might face, both at work and at home. Make it clear to them why they are an attractive target for cyber attackers and how they can detect suspicious activity.

Explain which types of information they should not be sharing with third parties or on social media and explain to them the concepts of social engineering and phishing. Illustrate how malware can be spread, why password security is important and why they should steer clear of public wireless networks in hotels, trains or cafés. Perform phishing and other assessments to test your employees’ awareness and validate the education you are providing is effective.

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