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Cyber Security

Protect your business from cyber attacks.

Cyber crime is growing exponentially in the UK and globally. Large and small organisations are constantly being targeted – it is industry agnostic. Reliance on technology is ever increasing and therefore organisations need to become more aware of the multitude of risks they are facing.

Brand and reputation damage as well as the financial implications are just a few consequences of a cyber attack. Taking proactive steps to cyber security is becoming more commonplace in organisations of all sizes, and across all industries. Designing a cyber security strategy, relevant to your organisation, is really important.

How we can help you

Our specialist cyber security team works with clients across the UK, identifying vulnerabilities, minimising risks, strengthening security and training staff. We tailor our approach to match your specific requirements, to help you make better, more informed decisions across every aspect of your digital and IT systems.

Four in ten businesses and a quarter of charities reported a cyber security attack in the previous 12 months. Among medium and large businesses, the figures are even higher.

UK Government Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2021

Cyber Certification

Government-backed cyber certification schemes are an excellent way to reassure your customers, regulators and other stakeholders that your organisation follows best practice. We can assist with preparing for and completing the certification process.

Cyber Essentials Certification

IASME Cyber Assurance Certification

Vulnerability Scanning

Vulnerability scanning can highlight issues such as insecure configurations, outdated software and missing security patches. Our findings show that 95% of organisations have critical or high rated vulnerabilities within their networks. Most were unaware of any issues before joining us.

Patch Management

Keeping on top of your software updates is essential to maintaining a secure environment but can be a time-consuming task. Our patch management solution helps to identify missing security patches within your network enabling quick and efficient fixes.

ISO27001 Readiness

ISO27001 is a recognised industry benchmark for information security. We can help you achieve compliance with the ISO27001 standard and make you better prepared for the audit process

Information Framework Review

A formal review of your internal controls across all areas of the organisation which have a responsibility for information security. We compare against the requirements of industry leading cyber security certifications and frameworks such as Cyber Essentials, IASME Cyber Assured, ISO27001 and The CSA Cloud Controls Matrix (CCM).

Cyber Awareness Training

Designed to educate your employees about cyber security and how they can keep your organisation safe. People are often the weakest link and therefore our bespoke and interactive cyber security training will provide them with an understanding on phishing emails, social engineering and many other aspects of cyber security.

Third-Party Vendor Security Framework

Third parties can pose a significant risk to your organisation if they do not have the correct technical controls in place. It is therefore important to ensure that you have the correct due diligence process in order to understand the potential security risks to your organisation.

Web Application Scanning

With thousands of vulnerabilities being exploited on a daily basis, it is important to ensure your websites are protected. We offer a point-in-time and continuous scanning service, providing you with the necessary information to mitigate any known vulnerabilities within your websites.

PCI-DSS Readiness & Gap Analysis

Becoming PCI-DSS compliant can be a complicated process. We can support your organisation’s compliance process and perform a gap analysis against the requirements of the standard. This will provide you with a set of recommendations on how best to achieve compliance.

It may be that you:

  • have suffered a cyber-attack – and want to avoid another
  • don’t have the internal expertise or time to manage your cyber security adequately 
  • require an independent, expert review of your cyber security position
  • want to improve compliance and strengthen governance through better cyber security management 
  • assess cyber security risks as part of the due diligence in a transaction
  • need a recognised cyber security certification for tenders, pitches, or insurance purposes

Whether you’ve already suffered a cyber-attack, are looking for recognised third-party certification, or want to validate and strengthen your existing systems, we can help. So, if a cyber attack does occur, your business has the systems, tools and processes in place to deal with it effectively, with minimal disruption.

Talk to our Cyber Security
experts about how we can help:

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Cyber Security Resources

To help you understand current cyber security threats and what you can do to protect your organisation, our team has produced the following information and guidance.

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