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PKF International Network

In April 2016, Francis Clark became a member of PKF Global, a network of 220 independent accountancy practices which now provides the firm with a worldwide presence in 150 countries.

PKF Global is a family of legally independent, like minded firms bound together by a shared commitment to quality, integrity, client focus and the creation of clarity in a complex regulatory environment.

This global network provides world-class analysis and clear solutions in Assurance, Advisory, Taxation and Business Services for companies around the globe.

Membership has enabled the firm to increase the scale and sophistication of the services it offers to clients both in the UK and around the world with access to a wide geographical resource of locally based experts which provides bespoke solutions to the most challenging of issues.

As PKF Francis Clark, we are able to conduct business successfully across international borders that not only require detailed knowledge of local laws, tax systems, regulations and customs, but demand the experience, skills and resources to support business activities on a global scale.

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