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Leisure and Tourism Accountants

Helping businesses in the industry to achieve success.

As you might expect from a firm rooted in the South and South West of England, we have a wealth of experience in the leisure and tourism sector.

The leisure and tourism sector is at the heart of the South and South West’s economies. This is why we’ve put together a team of leisure and hospitality chartered accountants who work closely with clients to ensure their businesses are as profitable as possible. We have tried to specialise within the sector to ensure expertise is specific to business type and size, with plenty of knowledge and experience to draw upon.

We have a clear understanding of the challenges the sector faces, including inflation rises, staffing and gaps in the supply chain, and can offer robust commercial support and guidance. Our expertise includes audit, tax, corporate finance and business advisory teams and we have experience in supporting clients navigating the dynamics of the sector.

Our leisure and tourism specialists work alongside our food and drink accounting specialists to provide excellent industry-specific financial supports. They work with clients across the sector including hotels, restaurants, pubs, bars, holiday parks, camping and caravanning sites and other tourist attractions, including some of the most prominent in the region.

We have worked with Francis Clark as our auditors, tax advisors and advisors for many years… We have found the team to be professional and knowledgeable, yet also friendly, approachable and not like your stereotypical accountant when needed.

Dave Harland, Eden Project

Whatever the size of your business, whether it’s part of a group or independent and family run, PKF Francis Clark has a team of specialist accountants in the leisure and tourism who can help you.

Family Business Advice

We appreciate that many businesses in the leisure and tourism industry are family-owned and run.

Working with family members can bring additional challenges to any business owner. Balancing the interests of family and your businesses is not always easy, which is why we offer advice that is tailored to family-run businesses.

Our leisure and tourism specialist accountants offer bespoke business support that takes into account owner aspirations and objectives to cover all areas of your business. This can include succession planning, ownership issues, and tax planning.

Managing your tax bill

Our team of chartered accountants can help you minimise your tax overhead and provide assistance with ensuring you pay the correct levels of tax.

We will work alongside you to create a structured, strategic tax plan that meets your specific needs.

We can identify any tax reliefs, allowances or exemptions you can take advantage of on your corporation or income tax returns.

Tackling VAT

Staying on top of VAT is essential for any business. Our leisure and tourism tax specialists can guide you through every step of the VAT process to help you file on time and avoid any penalties for non-compliance.

Payroll and Auto-enrolment

Our team of expert leisure and tourism accountants can assist with all the issues around paying your employees, including payroll enrolment.

We are also able to offer information about benefits for employees including remuneration, incentives and the implications of tronc.

Tronc (or tronc arrangements) can be a difficult issue in the leisure and tourism industry. Our experienced group of leisure and tourism experts can offer advice on troncmaster services, arranging fair distribution and the impact on your payroll obligations.

Increasingly the sector is looking for ways to incentivise staff and ensure retention rates are improved. We can assist with ideas around bonus and share incentive plans.

Corporate finance and business growth

We support our clients with every stage of growing and developing their business. The specialist team can work alongside the corporate finance teams to establish ways of structuring the business to take forward plans for the future. This is often coupled together with the initiatives surrounding family business advice.

Our award-winning corporate finance team are regularly ranked among the UK’s most active dealmakers. They can help with proactive management, raising funds and finding a solution to help you meet your business goals.

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