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Jones and Son

PKF Francis Clark client Jones and Son are anticipating a rapid rise in turnover following going to market with two new inventions.

The Jones's - Jones and Son

The Newton Abbot based business designs and manufactures a wide range of seagull and pigeon anti roosting systems supplying individual households and the leisure industry as well as pest control companies, building material suppliers, the renewable sector, local authorities, the roofing industry, individual handymen and window cleaners.

The husband and wife team of David and Kursty Jones, who own and manage the business, have now invented two new seagull deterrents to address the growing nuisance of noisy and aggressive seagulls. The new products, the Roof Ridge Defender® Bird Spike and the Defender® Chimney Pot Bird Spike, attach around chimney pots or directly to roof ridges and humanely stop seagulls landing without hurting them.

David Jones said: “Seagulls can often be seen congregating on the highest points of properties which is almost always the roof ridge or chimney pot. These high up spots provide the perfect 360° vantage point to survey their territory and swoop down if they spot a bag of chips, ice-cream or someone putting out a bin bag.

“The shrieking noise and droppings blocking gutters can be extremely upsetting for property owners with many calling for the nuisance birds to be shot but I believe we must learn to live alongside these beautiful creatures. Our two new inventions are humane, they enable the property owner to simply move the gulls on without hurting them. When Seagulls are prevented from landing on the ridges or chimney pots, they often abandon the property all together – no foothold, no landing, no seagulls.

“All Defender® Plastic Pigeon Spikes and Defender® Stainless Steel Bird Spikes are designed, produced and patented in the UK. As the manufacturer, we hold vast stocks of all bird control products, and we like to dispatch orders on the same day. You can rely on these pigeon control spikes to protect your property and keep birds off your ledges. They are made from high quality UV stabilised polycarbonate plastic and 304 grade stainless steel. This means Defender® Bird Spikes are used by almost every professional pest control company and councils throughout the UK and Europe.

“We also provide a great deal of customer support including advice on selecting the right product, a comprehensive pigeon and seagull deterrent guide, full installation advice and product warranties.”

Jones & Son employ around 15 staff and turnover in excess of £1.5 million each year. Advance sales of the new products have already topped 5,000 and David and Kursty are hoping that these latest additions to the Defender® range will help sales push through the £2 million mark in the near future.

PKF Francis Clark partner Sharon Austen said: “David and Kursty have a thriving business with committed and happy employees. They have a robust business plan with the ability to adapt to new market opportunities and produce innovative products.

“With patents in place on the products we have been able to advise the company on a tax claim under the valuable Patent Box regime, which frees up further cash for the company to invest in development work.
“David and Kursty’s success can be attributed to the quality and effectiveness of the products, the quick turnaround of orders and continued investment.”

Sharon and her team advise David and Kursty on both the business and their personal taxation and prepare the end-of-year accounts but the contribution the firm makes to Jones and Son goes far beyond that.

David said: “PKF Francis Clark became our accountants over 15 years ago when we first moved to Devon. Chris Hicks, Sharon Austen and Sam Cook have been our various points of contact over the years and they have all been incredible for us. They will often sit down with us and talk about future planning and the options open to us going forward.

“They have been our right hand for the last 15 years and an integral part of everything we’ve achieved.”

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