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Family Business

We have a long history of supporting family businesses

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As specialist family business advisers, we understand that family and business can be two very different and conflicting systems at work.

Family businesses make up the majority of companies in the UK and employ a significant proportion of the workforce.

We understand that within a family business, long term planning around the family dynamics is important to ensure that succession planning and business growth are promoted.

We know that keeping a business in the family isn’t always easy – understanding the passions and ambitions that drive the family and then applying these to the business needs and vision is critical. Of equal importance is forward planning to ensure the succession of the business to the next generation is as smooth as possible, both for the family members and the workforce.

Our strength is working with the business and the family to help them plan for their own goals in the future.

Typically that can include addressing specific single issues (such as remuneration strategies or incentivising key staff), through to longer term planning requirements (whether it be identifying a strategy of how the business will grow to the next level or reviewing tax planning opportunities for each family member to grow and protect their own wealth).

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