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Assurance Services

A deep understanding of regulatory requirements and reporting.

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At PKF Francis Clark we work with our clients to understand and scope the right response to the assurance objective so that you get the comfort you need.

Assurance services provide confidence without going through a full-blown external audit or where an audit isn’t an appropriate mechanism.

They can range from a simple report against agreed procedures, through a review and commentary on findings under international audit and assurance standards, to a positive opinion in accordance with regulatory requirements.

Regulated Reporting

Our specialists operate across a range of areas where regulatory reports are required, including Solicitors Regulatory Authority Accountants’ Reports, CASS reporting for financial services entities, regularity reports for the education sector and licencing reports for ATOL, bus operators and RTFO assurance to the Department for Transport.

Contractual Reporting

We support our clients when they need assurance reports to fulfil contractual obligations, for example to grant providers.

This includes First Level Control Reports for Interreg-funded projects and other EU funding streams. Other examples include post-transaction completion accounts and covenant reports to banks. Where the form and extent of a contractual report is a matter for negotiation we can help you understand the limits on what might be practicable and to communicate this with your counter-party.

Additional Assurance Services Include:

Governance: we work with our clients’ boards and audit committees to review legal and regulatory compliance and also to advise on best practice. We undertake specific review projects and also facilitate discussion within the board or committee to help members determine how their structure and procedures might be modified.

Internal Audit: we offer independent assurance that an organisation’s risk management and internal control processes are operating effectively. Internal audit projects are scoped with the client and may cover financial or operating processes. In conjunction with Francis Clark Financial Planning we can also offer a review of investment policies to support investment committees, for example in not for profit entities.

Data Analytics: As well as using data analytics within our audit process we can tailor our technology to provide clients with a deeper understanding of aspects of their operations. Analysis of large data sets can provide critical business information on processes such as income, purchase invoices/orders, stock movements and nominal journals. Data analytics can also highlight any irregularities which may be of concern including processes, financials and identifying fraud. Talk to us about how we might be able to help you benefit from this powerful tool.

Cyber Security Accreditation: we offer a range of Cyber Security Accreditation services and are a certification body accredited to provide assurance using UK Government backed schemes and we are fully accredited under ISAME Gold and Cyber Essential PLUS.

Our Cyber Assurance services provide CEOs, board directors and therefore shareholders with peace of mind and comfort through good corporate governance and the knowledge that their IT systems are at an accepted national level.

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