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At PKF Francis Clark we provide expert advice and management for over 800 trusts and estates. Trusts are an important tool in estate planning, wealth management and tax mitigation. They can be used for any number of purposes, from providing funds for future care needs, ring fencing assets for future generations or even for payment of future school fees. Our trust experts also have considerable experience dealing with compliance for estates.

Whilst the taxation legislation associated with trusts can seem complicated, there are many good reasons for using them. Trusts are also a strong vehicle for implementing your wishes, particularly as family structures become more complex.

It may be difficult to consider your retirement and (eventual) death, but starting your succession planning early is the key to ensuring that your family is protected. Our specialist Trust and Estates team can guide you through the process with care, making certain that your succession arrangements are exactly what you want.

Our Trusts & Estates team, led by Julian Smith, are not only expert tax advisers but many are also members of STEP (Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners) ensuring they are up to date with the latest legal, technical and regulatory developments and are perfectly placed to advise on:

  • Structure & planning – advice on the most suitable trust structure for your circumstances, ensuring it is set up in the most tax efficient manner, and will fully achieve your aims
  • Implementation – working with your legal adviser to set up the trust itself in an efficient manner
  • Management – including preparation of accounts and filing of tax returns
  • Administration – including distributions to beneficiaries and bookkeeping
  • Trustees – as part of our ongoing service to trustees, ensuring that they are kept up to date with changes in taxation law and other relevant developments


Our trust experts also have considerable experience dealing with compliance for estates – the period between the day after someone’s death and the date the executor or personal representative finishes distributing the assets according to the will or the laws of intestacy is known as the period of administration. This requires a separate tax return from the period up to the date of death for taxation purposes.

We can help manage the estate’s affairs, including preparing estate accounts and tax returns until the administration period is complete.

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Trust & Estates Specialists

For further information and to discuss how trusts could be used as part of your succession planning arrangements, please contact one of our specialist team.

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