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Escalate Dispute Resolution

Dealing with the difficult area of commercial dispute resolution.

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PKF Francis Clark has launched a new service for clients which deals with the difficult area of commercial dispute resolution.

Escalate, Commercial Dispute Resolution for SMEs

The new process is called ‘Escalate’ and covers the full range of commercial disputes – including bad debt, contractual and negligence, all of which SME businesses typically face.


  • Removes the clients financial risk in resolving the dispute – nothing is paid unless monies are recovered, and there is full protection against adverse costs
  • Uses the talents of accountants and lawyers to focus on achieving a prompt settlement
  • Charges a fixed fee based on successful recovery

Escalate is a two-stage process. Firstly, the service will focus on a negotiated settlement on behalf of the claimant using licenced corporate recovery specialists with a track record of rapidly recovering assets. They encourage the defendant to settle quickly in the client’s favour without the need for litigation. The process allows a maximum of three months for this negotiation.

If the defendant is unwilling to settle in this timeframe, solicitors acting on a fully conditional basis will begin preparing for litigation with the back-up of the adverse costs insurance.

Escalate can tackle cases going back up to three years and is best suited for claims of £35,000 or more.

Summer Survey 2019

The results of Escalate’s summer survey, looking at how late payments affect SMEs. We are proud Escalate partners and provide access to justice for SMEs.

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